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Our Story

In 2001 Wesley United Church received a government grant to renovate its annex building into a community centre. Two years of preliminary work was devoted to the creation of the Wesley Community Centre. Many hard working and generous people of the church and the N.D.G. community donated their time and energy to the cause of saving Wesley United Church, a historical monument. It was decided that a daycare centre on the main floor of the community centre would benefit the families in the neighborhood. A group of private investors came forward to accept the challenge and financial responsibility of organizing a non-profit daycare centre. Today, Garderie Les Petits Anges is a vital part of the Wesley Community Centre. It is joined by other community groups and organizations that offer helpful and important services to families in the area. Wesley United Church continues to thrive and in so doing preserves the history and culture of our beautiful borough and our Quebec heritage.

Daycare's Board of Directors

Liane Tusa - President
Evan Wilkinson - Vice president
Dan Gallagher - Secretary/Treasurer

Parent Participation and the Parent Committee:

We encourage parents to participate actively in the daycare. Their presence in the daycare and their concrete participation are a necessary and vital part of who we are. Being a parent at Les Petits Anges means wanting to help in a concrete way with the children's wellbeing at the centre. Parents are required to volunteer 10 hours per year per child, whether it be by accompanying for a school outing, participating in a classroom workshop, helping with fundraising events, etc.

The Parent Committee is composed of five parents who are elected at the beginning of the year during the parent assembly. Their role is to volunteer time and energy to partner with the daycare for its betterment and the betterment of our children.

Arthurs Garden

A Special Place
In through our arched red door is a special place. Stained glass windows allow the sunlight to spill into the class rooms. High ceilings and spacious play areas give our children the freedom to explore. Arches, columns, nooks and crannies offer intriguing challenges that inspire imaginations and creativity. Our hand crafted out door play area is nestled among majestic trees, lush green grass and lovingly tended gardens. Everywhere you look, our neighborhood is bustling and alive with the activities of family life.