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The Team

We are a team of experienced educators that specialize in adapting quality care to meet the needs and conditions of the children attending our centre. We use an educational approach and a set of guiding principles and practices that fosters important developmental skills in young children. We believe that children feel and learn best when surrounded by love. Each of us has a true appreciation for early childhood and its unique characteristics. We want to make the early years memorable and enjoyable for our children and their families.

Message from the Director

Shortly after my first son was born in 1990, I decided to start my own family home daycare. My best friend, Carol, and I opened "Our Kids Family Home Daycare". It was a success. I enjoyed working with young children and their families so much that I was inspired to return to school to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Education. As a single mother and a full-time employee I attended school at night. Motivating me during these difficult times was the dream and the vision that I would some day operate my own daycare centre.

For over a decade of my career I worked as an educator for C.P.E. de Mon Coeur (Montreal YWCA) . During my time with "Mon Coeur", one of Quebec's largest daycare centres, I benefited from excellent training, experience and learning opportunities. Families, their children, co-workers and mentors have all touched my life in a special way. It is because of this I have been able to make a dream come true.

I believe that Garderie Les Petits Anges de Wesley is more than just a daycare centre, it is your child's extended family. I hope to form a strong partnership with parents in order to help raise their young children during the early years - a time when quality care, support and guidance are essential.

- Liane Tusa

Arthurs Garden

A Special Place
In through our arched red door is a special place. Stained glass windows allow the sunlight to spill into the class rooms. High ceilings and spacious play areas give our children the freedom to explore. Arches, columns, nooks and crannies offer intriguing challenges that inspire imaginations and creativity. Our hand crafted out door play area is nestled among majestic trees, lush green grass and lovingly tended gardens. Everywhere you look, our neighborhood is bustling and alive with the activities of family life.